Walter Bass
United States Department of the Navy Seal.png
Vital statistics
Title Admiral
Gender Male
Home Country United States
Affiliation United States Navy
Occupation Retired
Rank USNavalAdmiralRank.png
Status Dead
Home Virginia

Walter Bass was a citizen of the United States, and an officer in the United States Navy.

In 1954, he ordered the USAF Vixen 03 to go on a secret mission at NAS Buckley near Aurora, Colorado. After the Vixen 03 went missing soon after take off, he ordered a massive search that was conducted by naval units, Air Force units, and land units from the Army. He called off the search after no leads were found on the missing aircraft. He informed President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Secretary of Defense, Charles Wilson, of the aircraft's status. President Eisenhower ordered Bass to bury the mission and the aircraft. [1]