This is a list of various automobiles and other land-based vehicles.


The automobile is the most common form of motorized transportation. The automobile, otherwise known as autos or cars, are primarily made up of four wheels, an engine, and a passenger cab. [1]

Types of Automobiles Edit

Flatbed TrucksEdit

A flatbed truck was a type of automobile that had a flat cargo area behind the cab of the vehicle. The International company built such vehicles. In 1988, Lee Rafferty owned an old International flatbed truck at his home. [2]

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Off-Road VehiclesEdit

An off road vehicle was primarily manufactured to go where there is little or no roads. An example of an off-road vehicle would be the Jeep. In 1988, Loren Smith kept on old jeep at her cabin in the Sawatch Mountains. [3]

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Service VehiclesEdit



An example of a forklift

A forklift was a small vehicle used to transfer medium-sized freight. In 1988, the Air Carrier District Office of the Federal Aviation Administration employed a number of forklifts at their Stapleton Airport office. [4]

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