This is a list of various types of aircraft, helicopters, and other airborne vehicles.

Commerical Aircraft Edit

Air LinersEdit

Air Liners are designed to transport people. A primary manufacturer of air liners is the Boeing Company, one of their earlier air liners was the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser. [1]

Military Aircraft Edit

Auxiliary Aircraft Edit

These types of aircraft are not used as front-line combat vehicles and are primarily used to transport materials and soldiers, sensor equipment, and training. An example of a typical auxiliary aircraft would be the C-97 Stratofreighter, which was primarily used to transport materials. They are, also, termed freighters as well. [2]

Bombers Edit

Bombers are used to drop large amounts of ordinance on targets. An example of an older bomber would be the B-29 Super Fortress used by the United States Air Force during the latter half of World War II. [3]

Helicopters Edit

Helicopters are a type of aircraft that uses rotors to generate the lift to be air borne. In 1988, Dirk Pitt chartered a helicopter to go and find missing aircraft in the Sawatch Mountains in Colorado. South African Defense Force helicopters patrolled the border with Mozambique in Natal Province. [4]

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