Phillip Devine
United Airlines
Vital statistics
Title Maintenance Chief
Gender Male
Home Country United States
Affiliation United Airlines
Occupation aircraft maintenance
Status Alive
Home Colorado

Phillip Devine was a citizen of the United States and worked as an maintenance chief with United Airlines.

Characteristics Edit

Phillip is heavy through the middle with a slow, whining voice. He is a W.C. Fields-type of character. He smoked cigarettes.

Biography Edit

In 1988, Phillip worked at Stapleton Airport, Denver, Colorado. Phillip was friends with Harvey Dolan, who worked for the Federal Aviation Administration. He considered by Dolan to be a walking encyclopedia of aircraft. After work, they would go and have a beer. After Dirk Pitt visited the airport about some airplane wreckage he found, he went to meet with Devine after being referred by Dolan. Devine was able to identify the aircraft as a Boeing 377 Stratocruiser or a C-97 Stratofreighter.

He sent the aircraft's serial number to the Boeing Company in Seattle, Washington and placed an inquiry with the National Transportation Safety Board. [1]

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