• For other uses of the name, Raferty
Maxine Raferty
Flag of the United States
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Home Country United States
Status Dead (1988)
Home Colorado
Relatives Lee Raferty (Husband)

Maxine Raferty was a citizen of the United States and she was married to Lee Raferty. Maxine and her husband lived near Table Lake, Colorado after Lee retired from the United States Navy.


Maxine was a heavyset woman with rimless glasses. She had bluish-silver hair, and she had the look of the West to her. She never forgets anything according to her husband.


In 1970, she and her husband moved to their vacation home in Colorado after Lee was discharged from the United States Navy. In 1988, Maxine and her husband entertained Dirk Pitt with homemade potato salad, baked beans, and Rocky Mountain Oysters. Her potato salad was hearty and just enough tartness and her baked beans were thick with honey. Yet, she regretted not cooking the oysters a little longer, but Lee said they were good with Dirk turning a little green. [1]

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