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Colorado is the 38th state of the United States. Colorado is located in the central US.

The capital and largest city is Denver.

Geography Edit

The eastern half of the state was plains, while the western half had the Rocky Mountains. The area called the mining country is located in the heart of the state.

Natural Features Edit

Lakes, Rivers, and Streams Edit

Mountain Ranges and Mountains Edit

  • San Juan Mountains, a branch of the Rocky Mountains that run through the central region of the state.
  • Sawatch Mountains, a branch of the Rocky Mountains that run through the central region of the state.

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History Edit

During the Civil War, Colorado was only a territory and the USS Colorado was named for the territory. [1] In 1945, the state dammed a small river and created Table Lake. The damming of the lake submerged a lumber mill. In 1954, the Vixen 03, an USAF C-97 Stratofreighter, left NAS Buckley for Hickam AFB, Hawai'i, when the aircraft crashed in the Sawatch Mountains in Table Lake. During the 1950s, Lee Rafferty and his wife, Maxine Rafferty, vacationed in the Table Lake area. In 1970, the Raffertys moved to the Table Lake area.

In 1985, Charles Smith discovered the wreckage and brought in Lee Rafferty in an attempt to salvage the plane, but Lee murdered Charles and made it look like an accident. In 1988, Loren Smith, Charles' daughter, and Dirk Pitt take a vacation at Charles' cabin. Dirk discovered some of the salvaged wreckage and takes it to Stapleton Airport in Denver to be identified. Pitt, Albert Giordino, and Colonel Abraham Steiger re-discovered the wreckage with Smith's body.

Government Edit

List of Colorado Representatives in the US House of Representatives with their districts Edit


Colorado's Congressional Districts

Counties Edit

  • Arapahoe County
  • Denver County
  • Lake County

Cities Edit

Military Bases Edit

  • NAS Buckley near Aurora

List of Residents Edit

  • Phillip Devine - Denver
  • Harvey Dolan - Denver
  • Lee Rafferty - Deceased (1988)
  • Maxine Rafferty - Deceased (1988)
  • Charles Smith - Deceased (1985)
  • Loren Smith

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