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Charles Wilson
Charles Wilson official DoD photo
Vital statistics
Title Secretary of Defense (1953-1957)
Birthdate July, 18 1890[1])
Gender Male
Home Country United States
Affiliation United States Government
Occupation Retired
Rank United States Department of Defense Seal
Status Dead (September 9, 1961[2])
Home Ohio

Charles Wilson was a citizen of the United States. He served as a the 5th Secretary of Defense under President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

In 1953, Charles Wilson was chosen by President Eisenhower to be the Secretary of Defense. In 1954, Secretary Wilson inquired about the aircraft, Vixen 03, from Admiral Walter Bass. Admiral Bass informed him of the aircraft's disappearance. Wilson told Bass that the President will be wanting a brief by the next day. [3]

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