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Charles Smith
United States Department of the Army Seal
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Home Country United States
Affiliation United States Army
Occupation Retired Demolitions Expert
Status Murdered (1985)
Home Colorado
Relatives Loren Smith (Daughter)

Charles Smith was an American citizen, and a native of Colorado. Charles was known to his friends as Charlie. Charles was a veteran of World War II when he served in the United States Army as a demolitions expert. He served in the European theater. He had a daughter named Loren Smith, who was the Colorado 7th District Representative in Congress. He hunted elk, and mounted an elk head, which he placed in his cabin. He would, also, fish his limit of rainbow trout at Table Lake.

He built a log cabin at Table Lake, which included local stone in the fireplace. He was known as an crazy inventor with some inventions as the automatic fish caster, which cast the line everywhere but the water according to Lee Raferty, his neighbor.

In 1985, Charlie was murdered by Lee, when he discovered the wreckage of the Vixen 03 in Table Lake, where his cabin was located. Lee made it look like an accident. According to the Sheriff Department's report, Charlie died accidentally from one of his inventions. At the time of his death, he was wearing khakis, which helped show that he was not a part of the Vixen 03 when his body was discovered.

After his death, Loren took ownership of the cabin. In 1988, Loren and her lover, Dirk Pitt vacationed at the cabin, where Pitt found some of the wreckage in the cabin's garage. His body was discovered by Pitt, when he went looking for the wreckage in the lake. [1]

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